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Best Online Booking Systems for Your Eyelash Business

A great way to take your eyelash business or spa to the next level is to offer your clients online booking. This offers great advantages for you and your clients. Clients will love being able to easily book their next appointment from their phone or laptop whenever it’s most convenient, even when your business is closed. You will spend much less time on the phone with clients, playing annoying games of phone tag, or emailing back and forth just to lock down a time for that client to come in. You can instead spend that time with clients, or simply have more free time for yourself.

We researched the best online booking systems for spas and salons and here is what we found:


Vagaro- Eyelash Extensions

Starting at $25/month and with a free trial, Vagaro is our current favorite. Vagaro is a fully integrated app that can handle all of your booking requests and reminders for you. Depending on the service you sign up for, Vagaro can even showcase promotions you’re currently running, help manage your website, and manage your payroll.


If you’re looking for a free option, Shedul is highly rated and offers schedule and appointment management with reminders intended to reduce no-shows. This booking system doesn’t offer as many bells and whistles as some of the paid options, but you may like its clean, streamlined look and simplicity of use.

Salon Iris

One of the most established salon booking systems, Salon Iris has been around since 1999 and is continuously updated and modernized. Salon Iris allows you and your clients to easily book and reschedule appointments, and offers flexible monthly and annual payment plans as well as a free trial.


As part of the well-established Booker brand, which provides appointment booking for a range of industries, SalonBooker is professional and robust. In addition to appointment services and reminders, SalonBooker provides promotional and social media services that integrate with the booking system and your website.


Shortcuts manages both your online bookings and walk-in appointments with ease. They offer a free demo and consultation with one of their agents.

Your Beauty Brand is a vegan-friendly and environmentally responsible American company offering private labeled lash extension aftercare and training products.

Selling your own exclusive brand is a great way to increase your business's income and profit margins. 

In addition, offering private label lash cleanser gives your salon a professional image, credibility, and trust that your competitors may not have. You will also be able to earn more, and clients will feel more loyal to your salon because they see your brand every time they wash their lashes. 
These ready-to-go private-labeled foaming lash cleansers (2.2oz) come unlabeled or with your logo added in 25, 50, or 100-packs. 
What sets our private label lash cleanser apart from others? 
We do it all for you and provide the highest quality product on the market. Seriously! Unlike other private labeling companies who are either overseas, only provide blank products, or sell low-quality junk, we take the time to send you what we would want on the shelves of our salon. We professionally design & laser print on waterproof labels and shrink-wrap your cleansers. We are also fully insured, and your cleanser is made right here in the United States.

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