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9 Add-On Services to Offer Your Lash Clients

If your lash business is booming, but you still feel like you could be more profitable, it’s time to look at add-on services. Add-on services feel luxurious to clients, aren’t typically much more work for your staff, and can add up to serious extra money each month. They also help transform the feel of your lash studio into a relaxing spa experience. As an added bonus, learning these extra services is a great continuing education opportunity for you and your staff.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for add-on services at your lash studio:

  • Mani-pedi services. Let your clients multitask and save serious time by getting their nails done during their lash appointment!

  • 15 minute hand, scalp and shoulder, or foot massage

  • Reflexology foot massage. Help clients release tension by focusing on specific pressure points in their feet.

  • Softening paraffin mask for hands and feet

  • Relaxing aromatherapy treatment

  • Professional makeup application to complement their lash extensions

  • Brow grooming and shaping

  • Lash tinting

  • Lip scrub and soothing mask

Most of these services can be performed by an additional aesthetician during lash fills, or as an express service before or after fills. Do you have any add-on services your clients love? What add-ons would you enjoy if you were getting a beauty treatment at a different spa or studio? Let us know in the comments!

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