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Communication Tips for Lash Artists

One often overlooked aspect of becoming a successful lash artist is your communication skills. While you may not be spending your days giving presentations, you are communicating constantly with clients: when booking appointments, on the phone, during fills, and when clients check out. Effective, clear, and positive communication helps keep your clients happy and coming back. Here are a few ways to become a better communicator as a lash artist:

Be Warm and Welcoming

Clients come back to get more fills when they leave your studio feeling amazing. While gorgeous lashes certainly help, your communication style can also go a long way toward making clients feel great when they’re around you. If you are naturally more reserved, make an effort to smile, greet clients warmly, and generally aim to exude an attitude of positivity and warmth. Sometimes how you say something is more important than what you say.

Ask Questions

A lot of misunderstandings and disappointment can be avoided if you ask clear questions and really listen to the answers. What look is your client going for? If they say they want a natural look and you give them extra long and full lashes, it doesn’t matter that you think they look great- your client will feel like you didn’t hear them or respect their wishes. Ask your client if they have questions (especially if they’re new to lash extensions) and if they’re comfortable during the fill. Some clients are shy about speaking up if something doesn’t feel great (like if they need their pillow adjusted, or feel you’re applying too much pressure) unless you ask them how they’re feeling.

Stay Professional

It’s important to know the difference between friendly and way too friendly. Some clients love to talk during fills, and the conversation may naturally flow in the direction of slightly personal stories about dating, kids, etc. This is fine (and many clients will find their fills go by faster with fun conversation) but it’s generally a good idea to err on the side of being professional and keeping boundaries. This means avoiding anything that could be considered controversial or uncomfortable for your client, like politics or major oversharing.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

An important part of becoming a better communicator is being able to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses without becoming defensive. Ask your colleagues, supervisor, and friends what they think of your communication style and aim to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. For example, you may be naturally warm and empathetic (great traits in a lash stylist) but also come across as lacking confidence or assertiveness. Someone else may be very confident, but appear to be a bit abrasive and uncaring. Life is all about growing and improving, so look at this as an opportunity.

For more tips for lash artists (as well as lash care advice you can pass along to your clients), subscribe to our blog. To check out our high quality and safe lash products, head over to Lashology Wholesale.

Always ask if your artist is Safe Lash Certified.

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