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Offering Impeccable Customer Service to Your Lash Clients

Even if your lash extensions are flawless, shoddy customer service can severely damage your business and reputation. Without great customer service, your reviews will suffer, you will lose out on repeat business, and new customers will be hesitant to choose your services. Luckily, customer service skills can be learned and it’s never too late to improve the professionalism of your lash business. Here are four ideas for offering top-notch customer service to your lash customers:

Communicate in a Timely Manner

Great customer service is all about making things easy and stress-free for your clients. If you are hard to get ahold of or don’t return phone calls or emails in a timely manner, your prospective clients will book their lash appointments with another stylist. If you are too busy to handle this task or organization isn’t your strong suit, it’s a great idea to outsource your phone calls and scheduling.

If a receptionist isn’t in your budget yet, consider using an automated answering service or hiring a virtual assistant, which is often less expensive than hiring on-premises administrative help. You will easily recoup the expense of outsourcing your scheduling and phone calls thanks to the uptick in business you’ll experience once it becomes super easy and convenient to schedule appointments with your salon. You can also make things much easier on yourself and your customers by using a great online booking system (at Lashology, we love Vagaro!).

Handle Complaints with Grace

You take pride in your work and no one likes to receive criticism, but occasional complaints come with the territory when you provide a service. Sometimes complaints are legitimate (you switched to a new, less effective glue and fills aren’t lasting as long as they should), while other times they can seem quite unfair (a customer complains in a public review that her lashes were too expensive, even though your pricing is totally transparent and upfront). The main thing to remember is that customer complaints need to be handled with grace and humility.

Even if the customer seems irrational, try to see things from their point of view and avoid losing your cool. You never know what challenges they are dealing with in their personal life, and there’s a good chance their negativity has nothing to do with you, so avoid taking it personally. Instead, approach your customer with an attitude of collaboration. Instead of getting defensive, acknowledge that they are frustrated and ask what you can do to make the situation right. Try to learn from criticism instead of being hurt by it.

Be Warm and Welcoming

It’s human nature to be more positive and easily pleased when we feel welcome and wanted. If your clients are greeted warmly, your stylists engage in sincere conversations with them, and you remember to thank them for coming in, they will feel great about their experience and want to come back. Your lash skills need to be on point, but it’s just as important to make your clients feel good about the time they spend in your salon or studio.

Practice Good Attention to Detail

The little things matter when it comes to memorable and flawless customer service. Offer your clients water or tea when they arrive. Greet everyone quickly and enthusiastically. Keep your space clean, organized, and visually appealing. Play soothing background music and make sure your beds are comfy and adjusted properly. Offer after-care instructions and a lash kit to first time clients. These small details add up to a better customer experience and help you stand out from the amateurs.

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Always ask if your lash artist is Safe Lash Certified.

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