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How to test for a lash glue allergy....and should you charge?

patch test for eyelash extension glue allergy

Purpose of the patch test:

To see if your client is allergic to your glue, tape, and/or eye pads before they invest in a full set.

How soon before the full set should the patch test occur?:

At least 48 hours in advance.

How to patch test:

1. Clean and dry the lashes.

2. Apply gel pads and tape to secure the lower lashes and prevent lashes from sticking together top to bottom.

3. Apply about 10 lashes to each eye.

4. Dry the lashes with your fan and mist.

5. Follow-up with client to see if they had any reaction.

What does an allergy to lash extensions look like?:

-Puffy lid

-Itchy lid

-Flakey skin on lid

What should you do if the client is allergic?:

-Gently remove remaining lash extensions. If there are not many left, do this with the tweezers instead of the gel remover.

-Clean and rinse the eye area thoroughly.

-Allergic reaction should subside within 72 hours of lash extensions being removed.

Should you charge for the patch test?:

It is up to you! At our Denver studio, we charge $10 for this patch test and we also include a consultation.

BrandedLASH offers eyelash extension products at wholesale prices, bulk ordering, private (also known as custom) labeling so you can start your own lash brand!

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