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Everything you want to know about lash lift and tints

Lash lift and tints are an amazing way to accentuate your eyes if you don’t have the time commitment to get lash extensions. It is also a really good option for those who are allergic to cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in all lash glues on the market today.

eyelash lift and tint


For a lash tint, a vegetable base dye is placed on the eyelash hairs, normally using the black dye. It is mixed with a developer, similar to a hair dye developer. It is then left on anywhere from 5-10 minutes, depending on the lash strength, thickness, and original hair color. For those who have very thick and coarse lashes, the tint will need to be left on longer to penetrate the lash, therefore making it last longer. For those who have thinner weaker hair, it needs to be left on less time.

Using petroleum jelly, create a barrier around the eyes so no tint dyes their skin. You want to make sure to place your eye pad under the bottom lashes if the client also wants their lower lashes tinted. This gives a more dramatic look. After the time is up, use microswabs or cotton swabs to remove the tint. If any gets into the clients eyes, use saline solution to rinse it out. Grab a spoolie and your fan, and give those lashes a mini blow out!!


A lash lift is a really good option for those who have straight lashes and want to have the look of them being curled all the time. Using a skin safe glue, glue the correct size rod to the clients lid, leaving 1mm at the lash line. Using the same glue, apply it to the rod across, while pulling up the lashes with a a lash lift tool, making sure that they lay perfectly flat and as straight as possible. Remember, how you place them on the lash rod is how they will perm. This is the most important part of the service. Apply the perm solution for the correct time and then the conditioning lotion. To keep lash lift and tint looking perfect, and lasting as long as possible, make sure to avoid water and steam for the 48 hours. Also make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes. Remove eye make up gently with nonoil remover and use a mineral mascara. If these steps are followed correctly, your lash lift and tint will last up to 12 weeks.

You can get another lash lift and tint anytime 6 weeks after your original appointment.

BrandedLASH offers eyelash extension products at wholesale prices, bulk ordering, private (also known as custom) labeling so you can start your own lash brand!

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