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3 Questions to Never Ask a New Lash Client

ask clients do you have kids

Do you have kids?

Before I sold my lash salon in 2019, I would tell my new hires this was an off-limits question, the look of confusion always followed. I'm sure you're also thinking, "why shouldn't I ask a new client this?". This is a way some lash artists who are mothers themselves connect with their clients. But many women may find this question invasive and unprofessional.

Instead, wait for the client to bring up their kids if they have them. Why?

  • They may be struggling with infertility.

  • They may have lost a child.

  • They may have a custody issue going on.

  • They may feel they are judged for not being a mom.

  • They may feel judged for being a mom.

  • They may have placed a child for adoption.

Are you married or dating?

ask lash clients do you date married

This is another one that would confuse my new hires when I told them this was the next off-limits client question. Here are the reasons you should wait for a client to bring up their marital or dating status, rather than you asking:

  • They may be going through a breakup or divorce.

  • They may have a non-traditional mate situation.

  • They may be a private person.

  • They may feel that they will be judged for their marital/love life status.

Curious if they are single, dating, or married? Just wait until they bring it up first.

What do you do for work?

ask lash clients about work

Asking what someone does for work can be touchy for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons you should NOT ask a new client what they do for work.

  • They may be unemployed.

  • They may not work.

  • They may have a really good job and think you'll charge more knowing that.

  • They may have a low-paying job and feel you may judge them.

  • They may work in the sex industry and don't feel comfortable sharing this with you.

  • They may have other private work that they don't want or cannot share.

Curious about what they do for work? Just wait until they bring it up first.

What do you think? Share below!

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