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5 Ways to Get New Lash Clients to Become Loyal Return Customers

Sometimes it seems much easier to snag a new lash extension client than it does to keep them coming back. Having plenty of repeat business helps keep you consistently booked and cuts down on the amount of time and money you have to spend marketing to new clients.

Loyal clients who come back for a fill after fill are also more likely to refer their friends and leave glowing reviews, so it really pays to make a repeat client out of a first-timer whenever possible. Here are some of our favorite methods for securing repeat lash business:

Offer a Loyalty Program!

Loyalty programs allow repeat clients to earn points for each fill, lash lift, or other service they receive, eventually cashing in those points for a free or discounted service. Another idea is a monthly membership program (we have one at Lashology that our clients really seem to love) that gives your clients a discount and other goodies in exchange for a monthly membership fee. Loyalty and membership programs are fun and motivate clients to keep coming back to earn perks.

Offer to reschedule at the end of every appointment.

A simple “Would you like to schedule your first fill for two weeks from now?” is often all it takes to get someone to commit to their next appointment when otherwise they may fall through the cracks and never remember to schedule that next appointment. Depending on your booking system, you may also want to offer pre-scheduled appointments for the next few months or so as a convenience.

Learn from negative feedback.

Did a client have a bad experience with their lashes? Did you get a bad review or a complaint? Instead of becoming defensive or focusing on getting rid of the complaint, look at this as a learning opportunity. No matter how skilled you are at lashes and running a business, there is always room to grow and improve. When you take negative feedback seriously and learn from it, customers respect you.

Focus on customer service.

Even if your eyelash extensions are flawless, customers tend to return when they feel appreciated and have a positive experience. (Check out some of our favorite customer service tips for lash artists). Make your clients feel special, remember their preferences and things you’ve talked about, and generally strive to be warm and friendly to everyone who walks into your studio.

Provide an amazing first-time experience.

If someone is new to lash extensions, you want to do everything you can to ensure they have an amazing experience so they can’t wait to come back. Provide a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, and be sure your welcome area is clean and nicely decorated. Offer your guests water or tea and start their eyelash extension appointment off with a little aromatherapy and perhaps a shoulder or hand massage. Clearly explain how they should take care of their lashes to make them last, and provide them with a simple aftercare kit with instructions.

By making a bit of extra effort to wow your first-time lash clients, your repeat business will soon be thriving.


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