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5 Ways To Sell Online Lash Trainings

With the uncertainty of this virus and the desire to expand your business offerings and income, are you thinking about selling your students online lash training?

We offer customized online lash training with your branding, no technical expertise needed!

Here are 5 ways you can use your own online lash training in your business:

Sell the online course on its own.

Example: "Learn how to apply professional eyelash extensions from the comfort of your own home. Buy this online course for $250."

Once they purchase, you email them the access to the online training.

Sell the online course as part of the lash training kit package.

Example: "Everything you need to become a lash artist from the comfort of home! Complete lash kit, mannequin head, and online course for only $650!"

Once they purchase, you mail them their lash kit and mannequin head and email them the access to the online course.

Sell the course as the preparation for your in-person training.

Example: "Come learn how to apply lash extensions via a hybrid-learning model. Online training course and in-person instruction. You get the best of both!

Once they purchase, email them the online training and ask them to complete the online portion before your scheduled in-person training date.

Train new lash artist employees.

Example: "As part of the hiring process, we will have you complete this online training course before you begin working."

Have the new employee come into your salon and work through the course on a computer or have them complete it at home.

Use it to train your cosmetology students to fulfill state requirements.

Example: "The lash extension/lash lift portion of this program is conducted online."

As an included part of the student's tuition, you send them the access to your lash extension or lash lift online training. This saves you the money and headache of hiring an instructor.

Your Beauty Brand is a vegan-friendly and environmentally responsible American company offering private labeled lash extension aftercare and training products.

Selling your own exclusive brand is a great way to increase your business's income and profit margins. 

In addition, offering private label lash cleanser gives your salon a professional image, credibility, and trust that your competitors may not have. You will also be able to earn more, and clients will feel more loyal to your salon because they see your brand every time they wash their lashes. 
These ready-to-go private-labeled foaming lash cleansers (2.2oz) come unlabeled or with your logo added in 25, 50, or 100-packs. 
What sets our private label lash cleanser apart from others? 
We do it all for you and provide the highest quality product on the market. Seriously! Unlike other private labeling companies who are either overseas, only provide blank products, or sell low-quality junk, we take the time to send you what we would want on the shelves of our salon. We professionally design & laser print on waterproof labels and shrink-wrap your cleansers. We are also fully insured, and your cleanser is made right here in the United States.


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