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5 Ways to Tell Your Client "NO"

5 Ways to Tell Your Client "NO"

We all have gotten in a situation with a lash or brow client where they are asking something of us that requires saying, "no". It can be soooo awkward at times.

Here are 5 ways you can say no, nicely.

1. Offer an alternative.

Say, "I'm sorry I can't get you in on Tuesday. Julie is available if you would be open to seeing her next time."

2. Offer to do something else.

Say, "I can't apply 17mm lashes but I can apply ones 4mm longer than your natural lashes."

3. Put it off ONLY if you are sure you want to do it later.

Say, "I'm sorry I can't make your grand opening. Maybe I can swing by next week?"

4. Be empathetic bust still say no.

Say, "I know you had an emergency come up, but I have to stick to our cancellation policy to be fair to all clients."

5. Say no indirectly.

Say, "I appreciate the offer to attend, but I don't have time today."

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