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8 Qualities of a Great Eyelash Extension Educator

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California Lash Trainer, Reyna Raya

Whether you’re looking to become an eyelash extension educator or how to train eyelash trainers, you need to know what makes a great educator. When it comes to lash trainers, they need a wide variety of hard skills and soft skills.

Eyelash extension educators should be well-rounded in both people skills, technical skills, and love what they do. These are the top 8 qualities that make a great lash trainer.

1. Problem-Solver

Trainers will encounter difficult questions, students, and situations while teaching. They need to be creative and have problem-solving skills when working with clients and students. Lash educators should also be passionate about the eyelash industry with ideas on how to improve it.

2. Communicator

To be a good educator, teachers must be able to break down complex ideas so that anyone can understand them. While most of the learning falls on the student, the teacher must be able to communicate well. Educators must speak loudly, clearly, and be open to student feedback. They should also engage their students in discussion and keep their interest.

3. Eyelash Extension Expert

To become an eyelash extension educator, you must also have experience as an eyelash technician. An educator should know how to answer any question a student may have. Even if they don’t know the answer, they should know where to find it. Teachers need to showcase their own expertise to teach students how to apply lashes.

4. Patience

A soft skill that’s very valuable in teaching is patience. While patience is difficult to develop, it’s important in a good lash trainer. Students learn at different paces. Some trainees may have a harder time grasping concepts than others. Educators should plan to accommodate those who may learn at different speeds, rather than become frustrated.

5. Organization

We’ve all had teachers with varying levels of organizational skills, so we know that it’s easier to learn when the teacher is organized. Educators should know how to balance their time. Eyelash educators often have to balance their own business with teaching schedules, so it’s important to have time management skills.

6. Enjoy People

Educators need to enjoy educating others to be effective. They should also enjoy being around people and talking to them. They should be able to engage with large and small groups of people. Eyelash educators love working with clients and their students.

7. Love Teaching

Educators enjoy teaching. They see great value in learning for themselves and passing their own knowledge on to others. It should be natural to answer questions and value all their students. Lash trainers take time to make sure everyone understands the material. If some students fall behind, they’ll take the time to educate on an individual level. Great lash trainers even keep in contact with their students through their careers.

8. Enjoy Applying Lashes

One of the most important qualities of an eyelash extension educator is that they enjoy their work. If a lash artist doesn’t love what they do, they won’t inspire others. They have to see the value in what they do. Students will feel their trainer’s excitement and passion when they’re training.

As you’re studying how to train eyelash trainers, make sure to look for all these qualities. The right trainers will inspire success in their students and enjoy teaching. For more eyelash extension business tips, visit our blog.


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