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8 Reasons Your Lash Clients Will Come Back to See You Time and Time Again

As an eyelash extension technician, you know your clients are happy when you style their new, fluffy eyelashes. But if your clients are not returning despite how good your lash products are, there may be something else you can work on. Your clients don’t just want killer lashes; they expect a great overall experience.

You can get your clients coming back for more, and they may even recommend you to their friends and family! Give your clients these 8 reasons to keep coming back to see you.

1. Develop a Friendship with the Client

Just like any other professional, you want to be polite and cheerful. You may not connect with every single client, and that’s okay. But you definitely want to use your charm as an advantage. When you’re working with people, being friendly will put them at ease and allow them to trust you.

2. Establish Boundaries

Some clients may overstep your boundaries without necessarily meaning to, whether it’s trying to contact you outside of business hours or stay late to chat. Set your boundaries early and effectively. Taking care of one client shouldn’t inconvenience your other loyal clients. When you email or text them, let them know when they can expect to hear back from you. If you do this, clients will view you as a professional and want to keep coming back to you.

3. Behave Professionally

It becomes more difficult to be professional when you’re working for long hours on your feet, and you may feel tempted to gossip or complain. But remember that you’re still a professional lash artist, so you must act accordingly. Set up a clean space for your clients, and be friendly even if you don’t feel like it. Always use clean tools and use gloves to show you value cleanliness.

4. Schedule the Next Appointment the Day Of

The best way to ensure your client comes back is to set up a follow-up appointment while they’re in your office. They’ll be happiest when the lashes are brand new and eager to keep them that way.

5. Follow-Up in a Timely Fashion

If your client isn’t able to book their next appointment the day of, be willing to follow up with them. A simple email or text asking them how they like their lashes will let them know you’re thinking about them, and that gives them another opportunity to book their follow-up.

6. Respond Positively to Feedback

You’re a knowledgeable eyelash extension technician, and you will continue to learn more on the job. As you’re working, clients may make suggestions for improvement. Even though you may not necessarily agree with customer feedback, respond positively. If clients feel like you’re willing to listen to their concerns, they’ll return to you.

7. Offer Competitive Price

Some people are willing to spend a lot on their lash products, but most people are not. Since lashes need to be refilled frequently, your clients have to be able to justify their monthly budgets with your lashes. Offer competitive prices, or offer sales to keep your clients happy.

8. Have a Relaxing Atmosphere

Would you rather sit in a relaxing spa or someone’s messy living area with their kids hovering over you? You may not provide the full spa experience, but you can provide a relaxing, clean environment for your clients.

Your clients already know you as a talented lash artist with enviable lash products. Give them every reason to come back to you by following these 8 suggestions.

I hope this was helpful! Leave comments below, and I would love to hear from you! -xo-Erika

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