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Yelp for Lash Salons

Business Advice for Lash Artists: Making the Most Out of Yelp

Sometimes Yelp gets a bad rap among lash artists and other self-employed beauty professionals. It’s true that the occasional negative review- especially if it’s unfair or inaccurate in some way- can have a negative effect on your business. There are ways to counteract this though, and the benefits of Yelp often outweigh the negatives.

With an active Yelp presence, you can grow your reputation, look more credible and professional to prospective new clients, and reach clients who may not hear about your lash services any other way. Here are some ideas for making the most out of Yelp:

Steer Clear of Monkey Business

Yelp will penalize your account and even close it down if you get caught doing anything that goes against the terms of service. This includes shady practices such as hiring people to leave phony, spammy reviews or harassing or threatening anyone who leaves a bad review. Just keep your Yelp practices on the up and up, be honest and genuine, and you don’t need to worry.

Spend Time Creating a Yelp Profile

Your Yelp profile can help new customers find you, but not if your profile is incomplete or inaccurate. Be sure to completely fill it out, including updated contact information and hours. Add a few great photos including beautiful shots of your lash studio and any lash photos you’re proud of. Finally, be sure to verify your account so you can use all of the features.

Respond to Reviews

Leaving professional and upbeat responses to reviews (both positive and negative) will help you make a great impression. Thank clients who leave positive reviews and leave constructive comments for anyone who leaves a negative review. Avoid being defensive, offer a solution, and welcome the disgruntled client to come back anytime. This makes you look super professional and will help counteract the bad impression that the negative review left.

Have Reviews Removed as Needed

That said, sometimes a negative review violates Yelp’s Content Guidelines, which means you are absolutely within your rights to flag it for removal. Be sure to mention the guideline being violated when you flag the Yelp review, and be sure not to abuse this feature. This is a great way to remove reviews that are vulgar or inappropriate from your Yelp page.

Consider Offering a Yelp Discount

At Lashology, we’re not the biggest fans of Groupon-type deals. If you really want to offer a discount or deal to attract new clients though, Yelp is a good option. They take a 30% cut of every deal that’s purchased, which is steep but lower than the 50% cut that other discount programs take. Just be sure to do the math and only offer discounts your business can truly afford.


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