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"Don't be great, be consistently good"

"Don't be great, be consistently good" -Eric Barker

I hear you now....what?! This may not be the sexiest meme you'll see on Instagram but this is really good business advice. Consistency is the secret ingredient in almost any business success.

What are some things you could focus on being consistently good at?

1. Always check to make sure the client leaves with evenly applied lashes. Instead of striving for fullness first, strive for evenness.

2. Try to send out your marketing email to clients on a consistent schedule. Maybe that is every Wednesday or the first of the month. Make sure you spell check and use proper grammar.

3. Consistently show up for appointments and try to never cancel an appointment on a client. FLAKINESS IN THIS INDUSTRY IS THE #1 KILLER OF A LASH BUSINESS. If it is scheduled, show up!

4. Consistently thank clients after every single service. Be a business owner and lash artist who lives GRATITUDE.

5. Always have the products you need in stock to perform the service. No one loves showing up to their lash appointment and the lash artist doesn't have your curl or length in stock. Buy in bulk here and never run out!

Share your ideas below!

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