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6 Easy Side Jobs for a Lash Artist

Are you still at the beginning of growing your lash business, and your schedule isn't full of lash and brow clients yet? Here is a list of our favorite side jobs for a lash artist growing their eyelash business.

#6: Pet-Sitting/Dog Walking

The cool thing about being a lash artist is the ability to make your own schedule. This is why being a pet-sitter or dog-walker is great! Have a gap in your appointment schedule? This is a great flexible way to fill that time with easy work that pays.

Another bonus: sitting for long periods of time applying lash extensions is hard on the body. This side job allows you to get out and about and move your body.

#5: Photographer

Do you enjoy taking photos? Learning and practicing photography can be a great side job as well as help grow your eyelash business. You can also use these skills to build a beautiful portfolio of your lash and brow work.

You can also take great photographs with your phone! Here are some things that you can use with your phone to take even better photos of your lash work!

#4: Fitness or Yoga Instructor

Being a fitness or yoga instructor is a fun side job that is also flexible to work your lash clients around your schedule.

#3: Train others in lash extensions or lash lift

You are great at lashes, so why not use this skill to train others? Most trainers charge anywhere from $500-$2,000 to train others in lash extension applications.

Check out these training kits that make it easy to get started as a trainer right away!

If you are really good at social media, ask other businesses to help with their social media pages.

#1: Sell aftercare retail products

There is no easier way to increase your income as a lash artist than to sell lash cleansers to every client!

I hope this was helpful! Leave comments below, and I would love to hear from you! -xo-Erika

BrandedLASH offers eyelash extension training and retail products at wholesale prices, bulk ordering, private (also known as custom) labeling so you can start your own lash brand!


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