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Start preparing for the holiday lash rush NOW!

Start preparing for the holiday lash rush NOW!

The holidays may seem a while away but they come up quickly when you are not prepared!

Make sure your lash salon has a plan in place early!

Why prepare in September for the holiday season?

August through mid-October are typically slower months in our lash industry which makes it a great time to plan for the busy season. If you have your holiday plan ready, you can just implement it mid-October through February. This will allow you to spend those months focused on seeing your clients and making money!

Holiday Preparation Checklist

  • Determine your holiday specials. Such as new full sets for $XX or a FREE lash fill with every new set.

  • Create the drafts of all your marketing emails for the holiday season.

  • Prepare all your social media posts for the season and preschedule them in a social media posting service, such as Hootesuite.

  • Order all the retail items you will sell through the season. We recommend stocking up on lash cleansers with your logo on them, as well as aftercare kits.

  • Do a deep clean of your studio or salon space.

  • Order all the supplies you will need for the season. Try our wholesale lash trays and lash glue.

  • Buy any gifts you want to give to your good clients. Recommendation, clients love these aftercare kits!

BrandedLASH is an eyelash extension supplies company that offers private labeling of lash products, lash training kits, and lash aftercare. We make it easy and affordable to add your logo to lash extension products!


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