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How the LASH CYCLE works...

How the LASH CYCLE works...

Your lashes exist for more than just looking pretty. They are there to protect the eye from being harmed by foreign objects. You know how painful it can be when just one single lash is stuck to another or is prematurely pulled out? Well, this is because every eyelash has a very sensitive nerve sensor that tells the eyelid to shut when a speck of dust hits it.

The average person has roughly 200 lashes that grow in 3 rows. Your lashes have a lifespan of 60-90 days depending on the person (hormones affect the shed speed).

Your lashes grow in 3 stages.

The first stage is called the Anagen phase which is when the lashes are growing. The growth stage lasts between 30-45 days. At one time only 40 percent of your upper lashes and 15 percent of your lower lashes are growing through the growth stage at one time. Your lashes like your hair have a specific length that they will go to and then stop.

The next phase of growth is the Catagen phase which is the transition phase. The hair follicle shrinks and the lash will stop growing. The lash is in the Catagen phase for anywhere between two and three week.s If you remove an eye lash by pulling it out during this time the follicle will need to complete the Catagen phase before the lash can grown back.

The final stage is the Telogen Phase which is the resting phase. This can last up to 100 days. The eyelash will then fall out and another will grow. All your lashes are in their own stage of the growing cycle which prevents baldness when a cycle stops, so it’s very normal for you to she between 3=6 lashes a day. Generally it will take between 4-8 weeks to fully replace an eyelash.


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