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How to Better the World With Your Lash Business

How to Better the World With Your Lash Business

Most of us want a better world but don't know how to make that happen. It seems like such a BIG TASK! It really isn't. It is the little things that we do consistently that make the biggest difference. Being a lash business owner gives you the unique opportunity to touch many people's lives in a positive way.

Try adding these things into your lash business and your life. Doing these will help you sleep happy knowing that you are even slightly improving our world!

1. Help your clients feel good.
  • Genuinely compliment every client.

  • Give them a big hug (if appropriate to the relationship).

  • Give a head massage before every service. The power of touch is incredible.

  • Stay out of the gossip and complaining rabbit holes and try to steer conversations in positive directions.

2. Eliminate drama from your life and refuse to get involved in anyone else's.
  • Stop gossiping with your co-workers and clients. This is a nasty and destructive habit that can be hard to break. Try becoming more aware of this as it is happening.

  • Minimize your contact with people who are bringing drama into your life. You can't be your best self when you are being drained by another.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people, other businesses, and other lash artists.
  • You are uniquely you.

  • You have unique skills and abilities.

  • Other people are uniquely them.

  • They have unique skills and abilities.

4. Give a portion of every service to a local, national, or international charity.
  • If you don't feel like you make enough to do this, try increasing your prices $1 or $2 and donating it to a charity that matters to you!

3. Hold drives every month or quarter.

  • You could collect bras, tampons, prom dresses, etc. and donate them to local shelters and charities.

4. Go paper-free. Send digital receipts and use online booking.

5. Recycle and reuse when you can.

6. Organize volunteer events for you and your staff monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Share your ideas below!

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