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Do you want to private label your own eyelash extension products?

Do you want to private label your own eyelash extension and brow products?
private label eyelash extension glue adhesive
3 Top Benefits of Private Labeling Your Own Lash Extension Products

1. You make more money because your profit margin (what you bought it for minus what you sold it for) is higher than if you were selling someone else's brand.

2. Professionalism. Your lash extension salon looks more professional, legitimate, and unique when you have your own branded product line.

3. Drive client loyalty. Your own private-brand increases client loyalty. In fact, 53% of consumers said they shop at a store specifically for its private brand. Increased loyalty aligns with trustworthiness, too.

Why private label your eyelash extension products with us?

1. Your products are assembled and packaged here in the U.S. and your order ships quickly from Denver, Colorado.

2. We offer small batch wholesale so you can buy just 3, 5, or 10-packs at a time.

3. Quality vegan-friendly lash products you can trust. We have designed high-quality vegan lash extensions and brow products just for you! Our lashes are soft, hold their curl, and our fanned lashes fan easily. Our glue has great retention, is low fume, and keeps well.

4. Easy ordering. Unlike most private labeling providers, we make buying your private label lash or brow product SIMPLE & EASY!

5. Ethical company. Ethics and giving back is at the core of everything we do.

BrandedLASH offers eyelash extension products at wholesale prices, bulk ordering, private (also known as custom) labeling so you can start your own lash brand!


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