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How to have a 1:1 meeting with your lash artist staff

How to have a 1:1 meeting with your lash artist staff

You are a new manager of lash artists or front desk staff and there is so much to know! One thing that is super helpful is to have 1:1 meetings with your team members every month or quarter. Here are some guiding questions you can bring with you to those meetings to make them more productive.

1. Work Habits
You want to understand how each of your team members operates. Once you learn their productive modes, you can support them to work more efficiently. Here are some questions regarding work habits:

Which part of the day do you feel most productive?

When do you feel that your energy and focus are at the lowest level? What are the changes that can be made so you can make the best out of a workday?

What do you do when you get stuck on something? What is your process of getting unstuck?

Who is the team member you turn to for help?

2. Team collaboration and relations
You can increase team productivity by improving the interpersonal relationship amongst team members. Ask the right questions to uncover the hidden challenges and opportunities.

Who inspires you in the team?

Whose opinions do you respect? What have they done?

Is there anybody in the team that you find it difficult to work with? Can you tell me why?

What do you think about the amount of feedback in our team? When do others give feedback to you? Would you like to hear more feedback from other team member and me?

What do you think would help us work together better? Any suggestions for improvement in the way we work together?

3. Team’s happiness
Personal happiness has an undeniable impact on productivity and engagement. When is a better time to dig into a happiness issue than a 1-on-1 conversation? Grab the opportunity so you can help your team be happier at work.

Here are some questions you can use:

Are you happy working here?

Are you happy with your recent work? Why or why not?

What keeps you engaged with your daily work? What can I do to help make daily tasks more engaging?

What kind of projects do you enjoy working on? What motivates you to work on a project?

Can you name three things we can do to help so you can enjoy your job more?

What is the best accomplishment you had since you are here? Do you feel appreciated for it?

What are the things that worry you? Anything on your mind? Have you ever felt undervalued here? Why?

5. Long-term goals
Long-term goals are important to a person’s sense of fulfillment and happiness. Your team members like to see that they are making progress toward their big life goals. You want to learn about their goals, and whether their current job fits into those goals.

Here are some questions you can use:

What do you want to achieve in the next 3 years?

How do you think about your progress on your big goals? What needs to be done to move towards the goals? What can we do to help?

Which part of the work here do you feel as most relevant to your long-term goals?

What kinds of projects do you want to take part in to move toward your goals?

6. Personal development
You want to find out if your team members take learning and development the same way as you do. Some of the following questions can help you learn more about their motivation.

Do you feel like you are learning at work? What are the new things you learned lately? What are the areas you want to learn about?

Who in the team do you want to learn from? Whom do you get valuable feedback from?

Do you think that you receive enough feedback? Is feedback helpful for your personal development? What can I do to help you get the feedback you want?

Would you like more coaching? What aspect of your job do you like more help and coaching on?

7. Manager improvement
It is crucial for you to know how your team thinks about you and your management style. It is challenging to get honest feedback specifically about you from a direct report. Set the right tone and choose your questions wisely.

Here are some examples:

What can I do as a manager to make your work easier?

What do you like about my management style? What do you dislike? What do you like about Erika’s management style? What do you dislike?

What is the percentage of my involvement in your daily tasks? Would you prefer more or less?

How can I support you better?

What is something I could have done better? What are the situations that I could have helped more but didn’t?


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