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How to keep your lash glue tip clean

I see this question so often on lash forums. I used to clog-up my glue tip regularly as well before I really learned how to take care of it. It is easy!

Step-by-step, how to keep your eyelash extension glue tip clean:

1. After you drop your lash glue, wipe the lid with a lint free wipe.

2. Suck the glue in the tip back into the bottle (yes, there are all these self-proclaimed "experts" who say this cures your glue. It does not.)

3. Screw the lid on tightly.

4. Store upright in a dark & room temperature drawer or similar location.

5. If it does get clogged, despite your best efforts, we include a red declogger in every new lash glue you purchase from us. We also include glue wipes with most glue orders as a free gift!

See video below:

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