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How to Manage Business During Coronavirus Quarantine

How to Manage Business During Coronavirus Quarantine

This Coronavirus is really hitting small businesses HARD....most likely including your lash and brow salon. Clients are canceling and revenue is down. Although there is a lot of information about what we can do to minimize the spread of the virus, is anyone talking about how we handle the effects of this on our revenue? Keep reading...

But first, read more about minimizing the spread at your salon here.

How to mitigate the financial effects of the Coronavirus social distancing on your lash and brow business:

1. Consider home visit appointments. Make sure everything you bring in is well-sanitized and everything you bring out is also well-sanitized. Wear a mask during your appointment and minimize chatting.

2. Teach your lash and brow courses online. Training materials available here.

3. Sell more retail products to the clients who come in. We want to share the burden during this difficult time. We are sending out a promo code to our email subscribers to save you money on your products in order to help offset some of your financial burdens.

4. Promote gift cards for future appointments.

5. Spend this extra time you have working on your social media, marketing plans, and business plans. Your extra effort now can pay off later when things ramp back up.

6. Consider paying employees through this difficult time to minimize the effects on them. Use the downtime they have to reorganize the salon, clean, or take on those extra projects you have been procrastinating to complete.

7. Spend this extra time training or re-training your staff or learning some new skills online.

8. Look into minimizing your expenses.

9. Read some business books. Here are some of my favorites:

Do you have any other ideas to manage the impact during this time? Please email me!


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