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How to start your own lash extension branded product line?

How to start your own lash extension branded product line?
You see all these different companies offering their own branded lash extension trays, glue, cleansers, removers, tweezers, etc., and you wonder, ‘How do I have my own eyelash extension product line?’ and ‘How much does it cost to start my own lash product brand?’

Risks of Overseas Manufacturers

Have you heard the horror stories of lash artists trying to buy lash products from overseas? Some people make the mistake of trying to work with overseas lash extension product manufacturers without the capital, international supply chain management experience, or foreign language skills. They not only end up losing a lot of money but also, almost pull their hair out from the stress and confusion involved in going through this process.

If you have a background in supply chain management and have the large capital to start, this could be a very good option for you. But this is NOT recommended unless you have experience sourcing overseas, have at least a few thousand dollars to start, be willing to lose at least half to scammers (there is no way to recover money lost overseas), and can speak somewhat of the manufacturer’s native language. You will also have to make sure your products can pass customs and pay the taxes associated with bringing foreign bought goods into the country.

Safely buying from the United States

We know this is a dream for a lot of lash artists who don’t have that kind of money, risk tolerance, experience, and/or skill set. That’s why our mission is to help these lash artists achieve the dream of their own lash extension branded safely, easily, and inexpensively.

At BrandedLASH (a Lashology Wholesale company), you can buy small quantities of private labeled eyelash extension products from a United States based company. Our payment system is secure, you can get started for just $25, buy small quantities, we ship quickly, you can call or email us to ask about your order and questions.


Learn more about private labeling eyelash extension products at

Branding your own eyelash extension products is a huge accomplishment and the sense of confidence you feel when you see your logo on lash products is incredible. You have worked very hard to build your lash business and brand and seeing it in physical form feels like concrete success.

Lash Private Labeling Myth #1: It must cost a lot of money to start an eyelash lash line.
When working with us at BrandedLASH, you can get started for as little as $25. Get started!

Lash Private Labeling Myth #2: I must have an amazing and perfect website before I start.
You don't even need to sell via a website! You can sell at your studio, on Amazon, on Instagram, or Facebook. You can always invest in a website later if your business takes you in that direction.

Lash Private Labeling Myth #3: I am too small of a seller to compete with large eyelash extension product companies.
There are so many opportunities in this industry and we live in a world of abundance. If you are lash trainer, you have a prime opportunity to get your products into loyal buyer's hands.


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