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Meet California-based Beauty Queen Eyelash Extensions

We love spotlighting our customers to celebrate their success! Today's spotlight is on Beauty Queen Eyelash Extensions in Antioch, California.

Owner and founder, Reyna Raya started applying eyelashes in 2015. She originally learned how to apply them while in cosmetology school and then later went onto a lash school in Los Angeles to get an official certification. Since 2018, she has worked solo, doing about 480 appointments per year with about a 60% repeat customer rate. She also trains others to apply eyelash extensions with great isolation. Her passion is helping clients feel beautiful and happy! She hopes to become an international lash extension trainer in the future.

Reyna LOVES the hybrid lash look!

Why? Because it creates volume without being too dramatic.

What does Reyna love about owning her own eyelash extension studio?

#1 The income

#2 Making her own schedule

What's her biggest challenge in owning the business?

Being too busy to fit in every client. This is a great challenge to have!

How can you attend one of her lash trainings?

Follow her on Facebook. She announces them there!

How has providing lash kits with her logo helped her business?

It brands her training program and allows them to get good quality products. After the class, she is able to sell them more products with her logo on them.

Reyna's success philosophy, "the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it."


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