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Phrases to Add into Your Lash Services for Happy Clients

We all are looking for the right words to say to our clients. Try these out at your next lash service to help your client feel happy and relaxed!

  • Before you relax and enjoy this hour, would you like to use the restroom?

  • During your relaxing nap time, would you like a blanket?

  • After your relaxing long nap, I will go over how to cleanse your lashes.

  • Will you be making your lash fill appointment now or online later?

  • When you use the lash cleanser every three days, you will find that your lashes are lasting longer and feeling better.

  • Have you noticed how bright your eyes look you look right now?

  • Have you realized how much time having lashes has saved you in your morning routine?

  • Fortunately, your lashes are staying on better than last time.

  • Just continue to relax and enjoy, we have about 30 minutes left.

  • I’m curious how beautiful you will feel once you have these lashes on.

  • As soon as you lay on this bed, you will immediately feel relaxed.

  • While you lay down and relax, I am going to make your lashes look beautiful.

  • Would like longer lashes or thicker lashes or both?

  • You will be more aware of how gentle you are with your eyes, after you get your eyelash extensions.

  • Have you become more relaxed after lying on the table?


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