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The best lighting for lash extension application under $60

Lash artists pay a lot of attention to finding a suitable work location, a comfortable bed, and excellent lash supplies. But, while that sets them up for a potentially successful lash business, there's one thing they tend to forget—lighting.

Lighting over your lash bed is crucial for your lash business. You may think that natural light is sufficient, but adding solid artificial lighting can bring the best out of your skills if properly executed. It is much easier for you to achieve highly skilled lash applications with proper lighting.

In this article, we dig deeper into some of the best lamps to help you enhance your eyelash application skills:

Brightech Litespan $59.99 BUY HERE

When I first started my lash application career, this was the first lamp I ever bought. It was affordable for me at the time and worked great until I was financially able to purchase a brighter and higher-end lash lamp.

It's easy to operate the Brightech Litespan lamp—you can adjust the brightness level accordingly to meet your needs. In addition, the lamp provides natural daylight light that enables artists to see clients' eyelashes with high precision.

That's why you should consider buying the Brightech Litespan lamp if you want to achieve excellent lash extension application perfectly and quickly to attend to more customers.

It takes minimal effort to turn on the lamp—tap the power button above the gooseneck.

Likewise, to dim the light, press the power continuously to achieve your preferred brightness level. Notably, too, it features a durable and energy-efficient built-in led bulb.

LED Floor Lamp $39.99 BUY HERE

This lamp provides customizable bright light for eyelash extensions application, and its sleek design will look great in your studio.

Thanks to the adjustable pole lamp's minimalist design, your work will become easier regardless of the location of your eyelash business.

The flexible central light pole allows you to adjust the lamp to 3 different heights and rotate through 360 degrees, enabling you to find the perfect light direction and angle, vital for lash extension application.

Led Floor Lamp $34.99 BUY HERE

WOXMA's ultra-durable and energy-efficient Led Floor lamp has an innovative built-in button with a nightlight. As a result, it's easy for you to light up dark spaces and even use the lamp at night for your various needs.

The lamp produces natural light that you can adjust accordingly to protect your eyes, making it effective yet safe for your eyelash game.


You cannot underestimate the benefits of lighting, especially regarding eyelash extension application. With the proper type of lamp, you can achieve high precision in your eyelash extension application. As a result, it will help you save time while making your work easier.

Erika Baum

Founder of BrandedLASH and licensed aesthetician and lash trainer

Contact me at or text me at (720) 729-3555 anytime!

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