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Tools and Tips for Designing Your Lash Salon Logo

Why Does Your Lash Business Logo Matter?

When you start your own lash business, it’s important to create a unique brand that helps you stand out from the competition. Your business name, your website, your social media pages, and any printed marketing materials should all capture what makes you special as a lash artist. Your marketing should look and feel like you while also being polished, approachable, and appealing to your customers. One great way to help pull all of your marketing together and create brand recognition is to design a beautiful logo for your business.

Your logo may seem simple, but it’s actually quite important. With the right logo, customers will recognize your lash studio at a glance. A good logo captures the overall feel of your business, whether it’s sassy and bold or more classic and understated. Give your logo the attention it deserves by following these tips:

Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire a Professional

While it’s possible to design your own logo using a website or app, even without any real graphic design training, hiring a pro is almost always worth the extra cost. A professional graphic designer will create a clean, beautiful logo that really captures your style. You can easily hire a freelancer using a service like or 99designs. These sites allow freelance graphic designers to bid for your project, and you get to check out some of their previous work as well as references from former clients. Or, if you have friends with their own businesses, simply ask around. See a logo you love for a local business? Ask them who designed it!

Do You Know the Trends?

Just like other forms of graphic design, from websites to wedding invitations, logo trends change over time. While you don’t want a logo that tries to cram too many trends in at once, you also don’t want a logo that completely ignores trends and looks tired and dated. Logos that incorporate geometric patterns and responsive, social media-friendly design are on-trend for 2021. While muted colors and neutrals have been popular in all areas of design for several years now, brands are starting to embrace color again. A logo that uses appealing pops of color might be a great way to stand out from other lash studios!

Beyond the trends, take the time to pay attention to logos you see on products you love and businesses you frequent. Which aspects of logo design appeal to you, and which just aren’t your cup of tea? Knowing what you like and what you don’t- and giving examples to your graphic designer- will ensure you end up with a logo you really love.

Do any of the lash artists you love have their own logo? Which logos are your favorites? Does your logo incorporate lashes in some way? Talk to us in the comments!


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