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5 Traits That Make a Great Lash Artist

As an aesthetician (or someone dreaming of becoming one), you have probably been wondering if you should get trained in eyelash extensions. As lash extensions continue to explode in popularity, becoming a skilled lash artist can lead to amazing new revenue sources and provide you with as much work as you have time for. Financial motivation isn’t enough reason to become a lash artist, though. Applying lashes properly is a unique art and it’s not for everyone. Here are a few traits you should definitely have in order to find success and fulfillment as a lash artist:

A steady hand- This is incredibly fine, detailed work involving teeny-tiny eyelash extensions applied precisely to natural lashes and then carefully isolated. A steady, calm hand is crucial.

Attention to detail- If you are more of a “big picture” person who tends to overlook details, becoming a lash artist may not be the best fit. If you love managing multiple small details simultaneously, on the other hand, you may love this detail-oriented work.

A genuine love of working with people- One of the most amazing parts of becoming a lash artist is helping women look and feel beautiful. To truly get everything out of this job, it’s important to be a warm, empathetic person who genuinely enjoys working with people one-on-one.

Great customer service skills- Do you have what it takes to calmly defuse an unhappy customer? Are you committed to going above and beyond to ensure your clients are thrilled with your services? Customer service is incredibly important for lash artists.

Commitment to physical health- Sitting in the same position for hours a day, often bent over a client, can be surprisingly demanding. Yoga, exercises that build core muscles, stretching often, and drinking plenty of water are not mandatory, but they will definitely make your lash artist experience easier and more pleasant.

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