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What you need to know before launching your own lash business

The beauty industry is vast and dynamic with numerous niches, sometimes making it difficult to choose the perfect one to pursue. Professionally applying lash extensions is a lucrative choice of the many paths available.

However, a passion for beauty is not enough to build a successful eyelash extension business. We'll provide you with all the information you need to help you take the giant leap forward in your journey to become a lash entrepreneur.

Set a realistic budget

Before starting your lash business, you must check whether or not you have enough capital. Like many other businesses, creating a lash business requires startup costs. Consider all the essentials of starting your business:

  • Location rent (if applicable)

  • Location deposit (if applicable)

  • Lash bed, pillow, and chair

  • Lash bedding

  • Lash extension supplies

  • Sanitation supplies

  • Employee onboarding costs (if applicable)

Since you're just beginning, you may want to consider buying things that don't eat up too many of your financial resources. So keep it simple to start!

Get trained and licensed.

You need to undergo relevant training to get the necessary qualifications before running a lash business. Even if you plan to hire lash artists for your business, getting the proper training to be a qualified lash technician yourself is beneficial. Also, remember that hiring an artist means that you'll have to incur extra costs and headaches—which might be stressful, especially if you're running on a minimal budget.

The necessary training will help you display high professionalism to your clients. Make sure you also meet the current qualifications within your state so that you have a license that complies with the existing legal requirements.

Create a logo for your lash business

A logo is the face of your brand. Creating a catchy and detailed logo helps you effectively showcase your business and services to potential customers.

Need a logo? We will design one for you! Click here.

Determine where you will provide your services

Depending on your preferences, you must determine where you intend to house your lash business. Whether from a home studio, rented room in a salon, a shared workspace, or your clients' homes, ensure your customers know where and how to find you.

Once you determine your location, list your business on Yelp and Google. Google and Yelp are excellent for lash services. The people looking for lash services online are likely to click on your link if you're visible on search engines.

Set up a social media profile for your lash business

Social media platforms are home to millions of users looking for different products and services. Setting up a profile and staying active on social media will help you market your lash business quickly. Prominent online presence and activity can get you close to your target customers, enabling you to expand and grow your lash business.

Remember to add hashtags to all your posts. Use a variety of local and general lash artist hashtags.

Use high-quality glue

That's why you need to invest in a high-quality lash glue extension with a strong bond. If you use poor-quality glue, you'll offer poor eyelash services. So a strong eyelash extension glue is a must-have supply for your lash business.

Lashology glue is our favorite. Buy here.

Erika Baum

Founder of BrandedLASH and licensed aesthetician and lash trainer

Contact me at or text me at (720) 729-3555 anytime!

Selling your own exclusive brand is a great way to increase your business's income and profit margins. 

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